rpmdb: Thread/process 21524/3086247616 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB library

Horst H. von Brand vonbrand at inf.utfsm.cl
Fri Nov 14 18:43:43 UTC 2008

Rick Stevens <ricks at nerd.com> wrote:
> José Matos wrote:
> > On Thursday 13 November 2008 19:04:13 Antonio Olivares wrote:
> >>  a reboot cures it :)
> > If I am not mistaken the reboot removes the existing locks. I even
> > think that there is a place that does really this:
> > rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__db.*
> > That has been the case for all versions of Fedora and even before in
> > Red Hat Linux...
> "rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.*" deletes the RPM database.

It doesn't. The database lives in files called Basename and so on. file(1)
tells you the files with names starting with uppercase are BDB files, the
rest is assorted data.

>                                                        You really should
> follow that up with a "rpm --rebuilddb" or RPM will get very confused.

If the database gets messed up, it is required still. Hasn't happened to me
in quite some time, though.
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