can't install base system using CD 1

Leam Hall leam at
Tue Nov 25 11:23:36 UTC 2008

> | On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 04:43 -0500, Leam Hall wrote:
> |> Agreed, the "Base Install" is still pretty bloated, http installs assume
> |> your network driver is on the install CD, and the other methods assume
> |> you have a pre-existing infrastructure.


> Jesse Keating wrote:

> | The use of "Base" here is overloaded.  There are two important groups in
> | Fedora installs, there is the Core group, which is not visible to end
> | users, and there is the Base group, which is. 


> Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

> I'm going to try and enhance package ordering (during compose) so that
> it does exclusive dependency resolving for these two groups and
> inclusive dependency resolving for the other groups.

To be honest, the quick and easy fix may be to let the "Core" be visible
but not unselectable. That's where my confusion was, that "Base" meant
only what was needed to run the machine. 

If Core can build off one CD image and target the least amount of
packages that is needed to boot and login, then life will be good!

Here's my initial wish list for a Core system:

	Enough OS to turn on and log in via command line.
		Generic Video and Network drivers

	Nothing installed or turned on.

>From that minimal set we can let users either build an application
server with their own processes, or configure the box to their hearts

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