login error

Ray Strode rstrode at redhat.com
Fri Oct 3 13:27:03 UTC 2008

> I've updatet to f10-Bata from f9 with rawhide. (I use f8 as production 
> and f9 for testing - now f9.91).
> It works mostly fine for me but with a second login (my wife) log fails.
> I have done some tries:
>   * login to console works - so I know the correct password of my wife :-)
>     but grafical login fails
>   * because the ist a - sign (minus) in the password, I have changed 
> the passwd from
>     abc-def to abcdef and it works
Maybe the wrong keyboard layout is getting selected?

If you type - in a text field that doesn't have bullet characters, does 
it show up as - ?


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