LiveUSB and PackageKit Updates

Jeff Weiss jweiss at
Tue Oct 14 13:29:18 UTC 2008

Michael Solberg wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 09:13 -0400, Jeff Weiss wrote:
>> Er, on second thought there's really not much sense in eating up swap
>> space.  Maybe we should just turn off the cache (keepcache=0) ?
> This is definitely the best solution.
>> I suspect that means it'll always have to download headers, but
>> bandwidth is more plentiful than memory on the XO :)
> It's true - I do wonder though, is it really feasible to try to do
> updates on an XO?  Six months from now running updates will eat at least
> 512MB, either blowing out the overlay or the RAM.  This will require the
> user to re-burn the card.  Maybe we need a different way to do updates.
> Michael.

This is why I was really surprised when I heard we were shipping Live
images.  I would think an installed image with say, 1.7gb of filesystems
and 256mb swap would have been the way to go.

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