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2008/10/15 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani at gmail.com>:
> 2008/10/15 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani at gmail.com>:
>> 2008/10/15 KH KH <kwizart at gmail.com>:
>>> 2008/10/15 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani at gmail.com>:
>>> ...
>>>> I used VLC this morning (European time...) on my laptop and sound at
>>>> the beginning is o.k...then after some time (two hours) it degrades
>>>> (glitches  and interruptions) and shortly afterwards it is
>>>> interrupted...no way of changing stream. I have to kill it.
>>>> any help??
>>> Did you tried with others players ? once vlc with vlc died ?
>>> Rerun Pulseaudio
>>> pulseaudio -k
>>> pulseaudio -D
>>> I don't know if it still matter to have your user in the pulse-rt group,
>>> The problem you describe doesn't seems related to this.
>>> enable vlc verbose mode from a terminal
>>> vlc -v (vlc -vvv for more verbose )
>>> Nicolas (kwizart)
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>> Tnx Nicolas for the answer.
>> I think that this thread should be renamed....Multimedia troubles or
>> something like it
>> So shortly ago I tried Rhythmbox to play an mp3 and with latest kernel
>> was awful...then I switched to an old kernel
>> 2.6.27-0.392.rc8.git7.fc10.i686 and sound seems to have recovered. I
>> started VLC with the old kernel but unfortunately I have no time to
>> test for the next two hours...(I have to shut down laptop in a short
>> time as I am leaving..)
>> I note anyway that when I start a radio stream, at the very beginning
>> sound is ugly (for few seconds) and then it recovers.
>> Now I need to use an old kernel on the desktop....
>> Tnx again
>> --
>> Antonio Montagnani
>> Skype : antoniomontag
>  2.6.27-0.370.rc8.fc10.i686 plays VLC fine on my desktop....what is to
> blame, kernel, VLC or whatelse???
> So the guru have informations from my side to check what is
> wrong......my skill cannot help any deeper, unless requested...
> :-)
> Tnx all
> --
> Antonio Montagnani
> Skype : antoniomontag

i installed a kernel from koij  2.6.27-13.fc10.i686 and VLC plays
great: I guess that problem was in the kernel.
So for me problem is solved!!. Tnx

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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