Fedora 11 updates-testing report

Josh Boyer jwboyer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 17:07:45 UTC 2009

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 10:05:56AM +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>On Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:17:50 +0000, updates fedoraproject org wrote:
>> The following builds have been pushed to Fedora 11 updates-testing
>>     automaton-1.11r2-1.fc11
>>     buildbot-0.7.11p3-2.fc11
>>     colossus-0.9.1-1.20090817svn4489.fc11
>>     ebview-
>>     ecryptfs-utils-79-1.fc11
>>     fsarchiver-0.5.8-2.fc11
>>     php-layers-menu-3.2.0-0.2.rc.fc11
>>     php-pear-HTML_Template_PHPLIB-1.4.0-2.fc11
>>     python-sippy-1.0.1-1.fc11
>>     rss-glx-0.9.0.p-2.fc11
>>     rubygem-state_machine-0.8.0-1.fc11
>>     synce-sync-engine-0.14-3.fc11
>I've withheld the broken deps reports for this push. The high number of
>broken deps has caught my attention. Many are valid, but something must
>have gone wrong within bodhi, because KDE 4 is missing and back to
>"pending". There's a dozen unresolved deps related to KDE 4.

Hrm?  I wonder if this is yet another case of someone editing an update that
bodhi is currently pushing and all hell breaking loose because of it.


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