Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Aug 26 20:48:53 UTC 2009

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram at said: 
> > Congratulations, you've now installed TWO mtas on every livecd install.
> > Happy?
> Nah. Once you add ssmtp to the core group, you can very well remove any
> mta's from the base group. This will solve the original problem being
> raised in the discussion as well.

Except it changes the default for everyone to something with less
functionality, which I'm fairly sure we don't want to do after feature
freeze. Notably, ssmtp won't queue if you're offline, if I'm reading
the docs right.)

(Honestly, if we're going to move an MTA from base to core, I'd suggest
we should just do s/sendmail/postfix/, and let those who need less
change it.)


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