QA wiki relaunch

Christopher Beland beland at
Fri Feb 13 22:14:40 UTC 2009

I implemented my own suggestions and broke up and fixed the redlinks from
Adam's drafts.  I also cleaned up and added "test
cases" and "test plans" links from Adam's drafts.  Remaining issues:

* I don't know what parts of are
still valid; someone should go through that, merge it into current
pages, and turn that page into a redirect to [[QA]].
* Shouldn't
link to ?  It could also be
trimmed by simply deferring details to that page.
* RHCT question.  It sounds like most people are in favor of removing
that mention?
* Adam says: "The TestCase page would basically explain what a test case
is, what we do with them, and how to create one." - Need to add that
content to [[:Category:Test Cases]], or create a new page.  Many
category pages contain lengthy intros, so I think it's fine to put that
content here and just keep everything in one place.  I also wouldn't
object to a separate page, but when pages go live, they shouldn't have a
link to a non-existent TestCases page.
* has useful
advice about when to use the mailing list vs. Bugzilla.  This is
important and needs to be moved somewhere else.  How about a condensed
version in the "Communicate" section of the front QA page (pending as
[[User:Adamwill/Draft QA]])?  The rest of this page is redundant with
[[User:Adamwill/Draft Join]] and can be turned into a redirect when the
new join page goes live.

In my opinion, none of these issues should keep Adam's drafts from going
live immediately; we are now at a point where the new pages are a
definite improvement over the old ones.


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