still having occasional hard desktop lockups

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Jun 1 16:31:41 UTC 2009

On Mon, 1 Jun 2009, Robin Laing wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   i know i've mentioned this before but i'm still having the
> > occasional desktop lockup where, when i'm trying to, say, just
> > drag a window, the cursor changes to the 4-way arrow and just
> > *stays* that way.  i can still move the cursor but it's painfully
> > slow and there's no way to get control of the system back short of
> > power cycling.
> >
> >   IIRC, if i'm on a network, i can still ssh in so the underlying
> > system is still functioning, but there's no way to break out of X
> > anymore -- ctrl-alt-bs doesn't work.
> >
> >   is anyone else seeing this?  radeon driver.
> >
> > rday
> > --
> I am running into this with KDE desktop.  Exact symptoms.  The
> keyboard is dead and I cannot do anything.  Even the Caps Lock key
> doesn't work.  Num lock does work.
> I tried to kill processes from a ssh but had no success.
> No process loads to indicate where the problem is.  Nothing to
> report to assist in a bug report.
> What desktop are you running out of curiosity?


> I have nVidia on an older system.  I have not run into this with my
> 64bit system.
> I have not had a lockup for a few days but before I get into a video
> editing session (when my lockups are normal), I log out and back in.
> It seems to work great.
> You do make a point about the changes.  It seems that most of the
> lockups are when I make quick changes to the applications.

  it's interesting, isn't it?  the only time i see those lockups is
when i'm in the middle of trying to do something quickly, as if the
driver just can't keep up.  drag, open, close, ...  it's always
associated with desktop activity.


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