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TK009 john.brown009 at
Mon Mar 2 22:47:55 UTC 2009

Joshua Armstrong wrote:
> Name:  Joshua Armstrong
> Location:  West Allis (suburb of Milwaukee), WI, United States
> Qualifications:  Bachelor of Business Administration in MIS
> I've been a consumer of Open Source tech since I entered the IT 
> industry (in high school, 10 years ago), but haven't found much time 
> to be a contributor.  I did contribute a bit of code to what became 
> dolphin in KDE4 in the form of a smb:/// url handler.  Since I became 
> unemployed, I though I'd use my newfound free time to give something 
> back to the open source community I've benefited from.
> I've done IT for the U.S. Air Force Reserve (desktop support, data 
> management, personnel, and UNIX system admin), a small consulting / 
> marketing firm (jack of all things electronic), and a large regional 
> commercial bank (check processing systems support).  Currently looking 
> for decent IT work, hopefully somewhere in Wisconsin but grudgingly 
> willing to relocate if I really have to.
Welcome to the BugZappers brother, glad to have you.

Edward (TK009)
Fedora Partisan Ranger
Fedora Bug Triage Team

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