How to test new exchange mapi in Fedora 11?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Thu Mar 5 16:29:08 UTC 2009

>>> > please correct me if I'm wrong - evolution-exchange package is for old
>>> > exchange support (via web interface) so what is the name of new
>>> > package that has exchange mapi support? How to install and test new
>>> > mapi exchange feature in Fedora 11?
>>> If you "yum install evolution-mapi" it should pull in all the required deps.
>> I don't suppose there's a chance to see a "technology preview" in F10,
>> is there?
> I doubt it. IIRC there are evo 2.26 requires, and perhaps others up
> the chain, that prevent any kind of F10 build...

I'm pretty sure they try and keep evolution compilable on gnome
release - 1. It compiles with little issue on Fedora 10. Its the
OpenChange one that has issues, which surprised me, I expected with
gcc4.4 that it would work on F-10.


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