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John Summerfield debian at
Sun May 24 09:58:43 UTC 2009

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Allen Kistler wrote:
>> All the release criteria on the referenced page are about booting and
>> running, which makes sense as far as it goes, but what about shutting
>> down?  Although they're mostly fixed now, there was a series of bugs
>> dealing with F11 being unable under certain conditions to shut down
>> without the use of the power button.
> You can always hit the power button if the system fails to shutdown, so it
> isn't really critical.

Are you sane?

I the system won't shut down properly, a quick press of the power button 
is likely not to work either.

Hitting the power button to force a poweroff risks loss of data. It is 
most certainly _not_ fit for release if this is expected.
> The idea is that everything which can be fixed in an update is not
> release-critical.

Are there any criteria that said, "Must not harm anyone's computer?" I 
raise this because, a while ago, there was a kernel bug that could harm 
computers (including the HP DC7700) that had on-board Intel NICs.

Fedora stepped around that one by disabling the offending driver, but 
there still existed a risk for those who might build their own kernels.

Opensuse released an alpha, beta or preview or some such containing this 
bug. The release notes mentioned it, but I thought it incredibly risky.



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