selinux and 2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64

J M monty19 at
Tue Sep 22 16:02:00 UTC 2009

>It might be something to do with dracut not working correctly.
>Do you see anything about a failure in /var/log/messages or /var/log/audit/audit.log?
># rpm -q policycoreutils libsemanage
>You could try to rebuild the initrd of dracut.  I have just noticed that I am running the previous kernel so I will attempt to reboot with that kernel when I get a chance.  

I have in addition to the other packages I mentioned:

I went digging through /var/log/dmesg and I see there is more information prior to the message I saw:
dracut: Loading SELinux policy
type=1404 audit(1253632567.561:2): enforcing=1 old_enforcing=0 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295
SELinux: 8192 avtab hash slots, 137829 rules.
SELinux: 8192 avtab hash slots, 137829 rules.
SELinux:  8 users, 12 roles, 2861 types, 129 bools, 1 sens, 1024 cats
SELinux:  75 classes, 137829 rules
SELinux:  permission module_request in class system not found in policy, bad policy
SELinux:  the definition of a class is incorrect
dracut: SELinux: Could not load policy file /etc/selinux/targeted/policy/policy.24: Invalid argument
dracut: /sbin/load_policy: Can't load policy and enforcing mode requested: Invalid argument
dracut: Switching root

I tried running:
dracut --force /boot/initramfs-2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64.img 2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64

but I get the same thing after rebooting.
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