2009-09-16 Audio Test Day recap

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Tue Sep 22 20:22:32 UTC 2009

Here's a quick recap of last week's sound / PulseAudio Test Day:


we had several people turn out to test, including some great detailed
testing across multiple devices from Michal Nowak, pfps and Kamil Paral
- thanks guys! Also thanks to Humphrey Dong and Caspar Zhang from Red
Hat's Chinese team who helped out with testing and bug reporting. Also,
of course, big thanks to Lennart for being there on the Test Day to help
direct testing, and following up on all the reports that were filed.

Results were encouraging, with most testers reporting few or no
problems, but there were also some useful bug reports generated, some of
which have already been fixed. Here's the table of bugs:

523917 NEW  - no sound when nearly mute
523340 NEW  - High-freq sound coming from speakers when device is closed for 10 seconds
524414 NEW  - Cracking sound with snd-intel8x0
523904 NEW  - Suspend freeze livecd F12 rawhid  when playing audio
523892 NEW  - [abrt] crash detected in gnome-media-2.27.91-1.fc12
523802 ASSIGNED  - Very hard to bind application volume to global volume
517769 ASSIGNED  - snd-intel8x0: audio level is incorrectly initialized
523736 ASSIGNED  - while multiple sources playing g-v-c balance fully to left/right causes crappy playback
523669 CLOSED RAWHIDE - [abrt] crash detected in gnome-media-2.27.91-1.fc12
523782 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Volume slider is not synchronized with gnome-volume-control
523656 CLOSED UPSTREAM - [abrt] crash detected in pulseaudio-0.9.17-1.fc12
523776 CLOSED NOTABUG - Application volume influences global volume
523809 CLOSED NOTABUG - Application volume sliders should be rethought
523876 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Pulseaudio provides no working output profile for ICE1712 by default
523890 CLOSED UPSTREAM - [abrt] crash detected in pulseaudio-0.9.17-1.fc12

(note that the bugs that were CLOSED UPSTREAM were actually fixed by
Lennart in upstream PA development).

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
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