Boot freeze with 2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64

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Wed Sep 23 19:01:30 UTC 2009

2009/9/23 Sergey Rudchenko <sergey.rudchenko at>

> Hi there,
> After recent updates on Rawhide I ran into troubles with system booting.
> I'm not sure about the exact component, but I suspect the dracut. The
> machine is a laptop, so I don't have a serial port to debug it on-line.
> Please help me to figure out what's happening (I'll file a bugreport,
> just want to ensure it will be useful).
> Some info:
> My boot process slows down at the end of plymouth theme "charging" and
> finally it shines bug I don't get X cursor and gdm.
> I can press Esc at this moment and the only message I see is about
> deprecated "modules.conf".
> System reacts on Ctrl+Alt+Del.
> System boots seamlessly with the older kernel (2.6.31-14.fc12.x86_64).
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> Best regards,
> Sergey Rudchenko
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Hello Sergey ,

If you're able to boot in previous kernel ,do so and do :

$ su - c  ' gedit /boot/grub/grub.conf '

after the

#hiddenmenu  , you will see the following

title Fedora (2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64)
        root (hd0,1)
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64 ro
root=UUID=xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx rhgb quiet  (and maybe other kernel line

Delete  "rhgb quiet"  and save the file .

Then reboot ,and after the grub screen ,press escape to see the messages.

You'll see some more info appearing then before ,and that info could give me
a hint as where to look further.


Tack Martin
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