Changing stock response re: lack of debugging symbols with ABRT

Christopher Beland beland at
Fri Apr 2 20:19:38 UTC 2010

It looks like things have gone a bit awry with this triage:

ABRT's automatically reported backtrace didn't include debugging
symbols, but the triager used the stock message here:

I was going to change that stock response to advise triagers that they
should not use it in the case of automatically generated backtraces from
ABRT.  ABRT should have installed the required debuginfo packages
automatically, and the fact that it didn't means there's a bug in ABRT
(or a supporting package).  

I'm thinking the right thing for the triager to do is to apologize for
the system not collecting enough information to diagnose the crash, and
assign the bug to ABRT (or the appropriate supporting package) so that
future crashes can be diagnosed properly.  Does that sound reasonable?


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