F13-BetaRC5 Installer and keyboard mapping bug

Petri Laine ptlaine at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 18:11:04 UTC 2010

I tested a recent nightly-compose, desktop-x86_64-20100406.18.iso, and
also F13-BetaRC5 and had a problem with keyboard mappings. I chose
Finnish keyboard during installation and also wanted to test encrypted
/home and swap partitions. During the first boot I couldn't get
throught the LUKS passphrase prompt until I typed the characters as if
I were using US key mappings.

Then the GDM login screen showed USA keyboard. Also

$ cat /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

There was a month old F13 Alpha bug about the gdm login and Belgium
(Bug 571900, I commented this also there), but does this happen with
other non-US languages/keyboards as well? The LUKS thing is quite bad
if you don't know which keys you should use.

(Fedora 12 installer worked ok)

Petri Laine

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