F-13-Beta RC Validation Test Summary

He Rui rhe at redhat.com
Fri Apr 9 06:09:17 UTC 2010

Greetings Testers,

Many thanks for everyone's attention on F13 Beta validation test events.
It is because of your participation that critical bugs were discovered
in previous builds until RC5 was available and met Beta release
criteria. Here I quickly summarized the test results from Installation
and Desktop test, and of course you can also refer to test matrices
page[1] for detailed results.

*************************** Install *******************************

578609 NEW  - PartitionException: Can't add a logical partition
to /dev/vda, because there is no extended partition.
560114 NEW  - sh-4.1# BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
dereference at 0000000000000358
577059 NEW  - Failure while swapping install discs on KVM guest (F12
virt host)
577708 ASSIGNED  - Black screen during graphical kickstart install
577803 MODIFIED  - Adding repository requiring network fails if network
is down

************************* Desktop **********************************

579739 NEW  - Could not get update details
580012 NEW  - Streaming media after unpause open a new video window

Hope we can make progress not only in fedora releases but also in
validation test events. Welcome more testers to attend this event, have
fun from it, and feel free to share suggestion/idea/criticism with me. 
( ̄y▽ ̄)╭



FAS Name: Rhe 
Location: Beijing/UTC+8
TEL: 86-010-62608141
IRC nick: rhe #fedora-qa #fedora-zh

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