Virtualization Test Day ( Thursday 2010-04-08) Recap

He Rui rhe at
Tue Apr 20 08:14:48 UTC 2010

Greetings Testers,

Many thanks for everyone who participated in virtualization test day.
This event involved in a large scope of virt testing so that it was
summarized at a later time to provide sufficient time for testers.
however, there still weren't as many attendants as expected. One way
we've learned to improve it is to have a smaller focus and clearly
describe the steps in each case. Good new is that we did discover what
worked well and what went wrong as the bugs listed below:

580482 NEW  - virt-install: Warn if disk permissions may cause qemu to
580625 NEW  - permission denied when creating storage for new VM
580657 NEW  - Creating a F-13 guest on an F-13 host fails -
580659 NEW  - virt-manager: allow changing the underlying directory of
storage pool
580788 NEW  - create guest and install rhel5.4 on f13, guest can not get
ip address
580803 NEW  - Can not bring network interfaces up after it was  down
580797 NEW  - libvirt: can not boot URL install on xenner hypervisor
580806 NEW  - Network doesn't work after Live Migration
581381 NEW  - libvirt: provide qemu stdout when "monitor socket did not
show up: : Connection refused"
581721 NEW  - iface-list result inconsistent with ifconfig
581177 NEW  - network doesn't work with qemu-kvm
580411 NEW  - Virtualization guest can't boot directly from Network(PXE)
580705 CLOSED DUPLICATE - virt-manager: UI improvement for creating a
new volume
581376 CLOSED DUPLICATE - virt-manager can't detect 32-bit qemu-kvm
memory limit
580556 CLOSED UPSTREAM - request for libguestfs to support .txz tarballs
580650 CLOSED UPSTREAM - virt-inspector warns "No grub default specified
at /usr/lib/perl5/Sys/Guestfs/ at [...]"

For detailed results, please refer to the test day page[1] and please
stay tuned for the storage filtering test day coming up this Thursday!




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