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#115: F14 netinstall failing
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 Hi metabox,

 Replying to [ticket:115 metabox]:
 > = bug description = Downloaded latest netinstall iso and ran it as a VM
 with qemu. I chose to do a minimal install. All went well* until we were
 installing the final package (199/199) and then the install failed whilst
 starting the graphical install part with an abnormal exit, which is
 attached in a screenshot.

 Netinstall(boot.iso) as well as minimal install have been covered in our
 tests[1], but we didn't reproduce your issue. Please retest in on F-14
 -Alpha-RC2 and make sure you are using the correct package repository.


 > = bug analysis = python related, sorry that's all
 > = fix recommendation = TBD
 > * = The artwork for the install was all still F13 based.

 Bug#621027 has been reported regarding to the artwork.

 > 1) I hope this is the right time to raise a bug against the netinstall,
 not too early.
 > 2) I am sorry if I should have also lodged in the testing table for
 installs, I couldn't recall where the web page was.

 The testing matrices are always at:


 Desktop: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Current_Desktop_Test

 > 3) If this needs to go the redhat bugzilla let me know and i'll put

 If it can be reproduced on F14-Alpha-RC2, please file it in bugzilla with
 essential attachments(Error screen, logs etc.)

 > cheers

 Thanks, metabox. I'm closing this ticket. Please discuss such problems in
 test list directly so that others can reply to your thread conveniently.
 And please add your results to the testing matrices which we use to track
 the results.



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