Upcoming Fedora 14 Tasks

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Mon Aug 9 16:20:48 UTC 2010

Start       End         Name
Thu 05-Aug  Thu 12-Aug  Test Alpha Candidate
Tue 10-Aug  Tue 10-Aug  Start Alpha Beat and Feature Page Review
Tue 10-Aug  Thu 12-Aug  Comb Beats and Feature Pages for Alpha
Wed 11-Aug  Wed 11-Aug  Fedora 14 Alpha Go/No-Go Meeting (17:00 EST)
Thu 12-Aug  Thu 12-Aug  Fedora 14 Alpha Release Readiness Meeting
Thu 12-Aug  Fri 13-Aug  Prepare Alpha Release Notes (1 page)
Tue 17-Aug  Tue 17-Aug  Alpha Public Availability
Tue 17-Aug  Wed 18-Aug  NVR Update Check testing
Tue 17-Aug  Tue 07-Sep  Alpha Testing
Fri 20-Aug  Fri 20-Aug  Beta Blocker Meeting (f14beta) #1

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