QA:Testcase Memtest86

Kamil Paral kparal at
Thu Aug 12 07:18:40 UTC 2010

----- "He Rui" <rhe at> wrote:
> > 
> > >   2. Test report is shown once a test is completed.
> > 
> > The test is never completed, it runs infinitely over and over
> again.
> > It takes quite some time too.
> > Also, no report is ever shown, just statistics are continuously
> updated
> > in the lower part of the screen.
> > Very confusing.
> If a test cycle is completed(From test#1 to test#8, About 5 mins for
> 512M memory), A test result will be shown at the bottom:
> ************ Pass Complete, no errors, press ESC to exit ************
> I haven't met the failure status, but a relative result is supposed
> to
> be provided after one cycle is finished as well. 

Ah, I never waited long enough to finish the whole test cycle :) But
the instructions also says I should change the configuration, so I 
changed configuration to do just test #2, and it did it like 20 times
over with no end at all, just repeating itself. So it depends on user
choice (and whether he knows this stuff).

> > 
> > I think this test case is needlessly overcomplicated. We just need
> > to test that Memory Test available on installation media "just
> works",
> > right? So what about something like:
> > 
> > How to test:
> >    1. Insert installation media and display its boot prompt
> >    2. Select option Memory Test
> >    3. Have the test running for a few moments
> 'A few moments' should be more accurate, at least test#1 - test#8 is
> finished.  
> > 
> > Expected results:
> >    1. Memory test runs a tests your memory, it seems to work
> correctly.
> >    2. You can use configuration to change test settings, e.g. select
> just
> >       one single test out of the test set to be tested.
> > 
> > 
> > Sounds better?
> Also add this one to verify the test result:
> 3. Test Report(Or test result) is shown once a test
> cycle(test#1-test#8)
> is done. 

I still think we shouldn't do this. Quick check whether memtest
starts and runs ok is sufficient imho. Full RAM testing is:
1. time consuming
2. you never know how to handle potential error. it may be memtest
issue, hardware issue, KVM issue, ...

I understand you want to test full memtest featureset (all tests work
etc), but we don't do that even for more important programs, it's just
not efficient. Smoke testing is all I would do here (and that's exactly
what I tried to capture in sentences "wait a few moments, memtest seems
to work correctly").

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