Audacious 2.4

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Sun Aug 15 11:45:39 UTC 2010

Any Audacious users using Fedora 14 Branched already?

Fedora 13 (and older) has received bug reports regularly (mostly submitted
via ABRT), but what about Fedora 14 development?

As I'm trying to push updates for Audacious 2.4 into Fedora 14 Branched,
I would be thankful for the occasional +1 votes in the Fedora Updates

Without such votes, I cannot publish these updates without waiting for 7
days to pass. E.g. currently, the update from beta1 to rc1 is waiting, and
I've already had to skip the update to beta2 to move forward:

Meanwhile, rc2 including further bug-fixes is ready already.

So, if you use Audacious or plan to use it in Fedora 14, please consider
getting a Fedora account ( )
and help with pushing these updates through.

Thank you in advance!

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