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#112: 'Translation/Keyboard in anaconda' Test Day - 2010/09/09
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Comment (by igor):

 Replying to [comment:7 rhe]:
 > Hi Igor,
 > Sorry for the delay, finally I got the time to concentrate on it. I've
 and made some modification on it, please review it. The main changes
 >  * The test day time changed to 'all day', since testers from different
 time zones will attend it.
 >  * Besides live image, I added pre-release candidates(Supposed to be F14
 Beta TC) as requirements for testing.
 >  * The test result table changed for testers to offer results.

 Thanks for making it better Hurry!

 > Replying to [comment:5 igor]:
 > > I started writing a draft page for the test day:
 > >
 > >
 > > We need to discuss some details such as:
 > > * Time - Maybe you guys can suggest an UTC time that might be good for
 you. Normally I'm available between 14 UTC - 19 UTC and 23 UTC - 04:00 UTC
 just to let you know.
 > I'm normally available from 1 UTC - 11 UTC, and members from your team
 and i18n team can also come for help, so let's just write down 'all day'
 there. :)

 Nice, it is better to host it during the whole day so we get more

 > > * Which test image will we use, that one specific for translators or
 an updated nightly build? IMHO we should use the one more updated at the
 > I planed to use F14 Beta Test Compose(Boot.iso CD DVD) as the main
 testing image, but since Alpha slipped for a week, Beta TC won't be
 available on 09-09 in some time zones[1]. And the nightly composed live
 image is not stable and can't reflect all the issues happened during
 install. So I don't know how to make this test day unless postponing it to
 09-16, the next open slot. What do you think?

 I'm in favor of postpone it but it seems to me that 09-16 is now occupied
 for the systemd test day [1]. So the the next open slot left is 10-07
 which is pretty close to the Final Change Deadline. I still think it is
 worth postponing it if we are able to better test it that day.

 > I also noticed that you put the l10n template on the page, do you also
 want to cover the tests on this template? Then I think there will be too
 many tests for a test day. But we can arrange another one for it if you

 You're right. I didn't realized that it could be too many tests. Let's
 stick to the keyboard tests for now, but is natural that some translation
 bugs will be noticed during those tests. Anyway it is a good idea to focus
 on our primary objective.

 [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Fedora_14_test_days


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