Where is runlevel 5?

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 00:49:43 UTC 2010

My continuing adventures in fedora 14 alpha have finally
gotten it installed, and I can even boot, but it insists
on coming up in runlevel 3 (apparently). It won't start
KDM and I get no graphical login.

I have edited /etc/inittab to change :3: to :5: in the
one line in there, but that didn't change anything.
(Apparently it picked runlevel 3 as the default because
X wouldn't work in the installer and I had to use VNC).

I can't find any logs that make it appear as though it
even attempted to start X, but if I run "startx" manually
after a console login, X starts up fine and everything
appears to work, so there shouldn't be any fundamental
obstacle blocking X startup.

I'm completely mystified, and I can't find any place
that any upstart script would be starting it to even
attempt to add debug code.

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