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#112: 'Translation/Keyboard in anaconda' Test Day - 2010/09/16
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Comment (by rhe):

 Replying to [comment:12 igor]:
 > Great Hurry!
 > I will work on the test cases in the next days.
 > I don't think we need more test cases, just improve the ones we already
 have. For instance, I would like to add some post install steps, just to
 check if Anaconda did its job correctly during the installation. IMHO we
 should cover at least the installation using GNOME and KDE desktop
 environments and make that clear in the test cases. A few releases back
 some keymaps were buggy when using different toolkits. The Non-English
 European Language Install test case might need some changes to cover the
 differences between the languages as well. I will install F14 Alpha and
 see if there is something else we need to cover.

 Thank you Igor! You know about the translation/keyboards much better, so
 please go ahead and improve the tests as you want.

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