F14 Alpha - First impressions

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 20:37:25 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at tmr.com> wrote:

> Fulko Hew wrote:
> >
> > a) I'm disappointed that I couldn't try it in VirtualBox v3.0.8,
> >    but then again F13 wouldn't install there either.
> >    (It might work under newer VirtualBox's, but thats all I have right
> now.
> >    (The installation 'infinite loops during system loader phase with a
> > stack trace')
> >
> If your hardware supports VM then why not run it under KVM? All I did to
> get it
> working from CLI was:
>   qemu-img create -f qcow2 fc14a3.img 6G
>   qemu-kvm -m 1000 -hda fc14a3.img -cdrom Fedora14a3-LiveCD.iso -boot d

I believe KVM is newer than Fedora 8, so its not available to me (at the

> > b) I'm glad that it does (so far) attempt to install under QEMU
> >    (under the virtual machine manager from Fedora 8)
> >
> I hope you don't mean the software emulated version, it will work (I did
> FC10
> x86_64 on a Pentium-III as a hack), but it will be leisurely.

I think its not the pure emulated version, but there is 'some kind' of
assist going on.  It seems to work 'fairly' well... when it works.

I was using QEMU from F8 - F10, then switched to VirtualBox for F11 and F12
But F13 and F14 don't work under either (with the versions I have hosted
under F8.

> c) The GUI install wouldn't work, but I fell back to text install.
> >
> > d) I was disappointed that it would not let me select the packages
> >    to install (I want KDE not Gnome)
> >
> Need the full install for that, LiveCD is GNOME.

I was using the 'full install'.
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