call for tests

Chris Lumens clumens at
Thu Dec 2 16:53:05 UTC 2010

As you know, we've got this automated storage test system for anaconda
now.  I've got enough tests to cover all the partitioning parts of the
Fedora test matrix (except for resizing, which kickstart cannot
express).  You can see the list of tests for yourself here:;a=tree;f=tests/anaconda_storage/framework/suites;hb=refs/heads/clumens

What I'm interested in is more suggestions for tests.  If you can come
up with a good description of what the disks look like when we start,
what we should do to them, and what they should look like when we're
done that would be very helpful.

I'll keep a list in git.

What'd be even more helpful would be if people were interested in
writing tests themselves.  I might try to offer training for this at
FUDCon or perhaps in irc one day given enough interest.  If you wanted
to write a test, you'd need to:

* Know python well.  I'm not willing to teach people how to program.
* Have some familiarity with python's unittest module.  This is easy.
  If you can program, you can pick it up in about five minutes.
* Know kickstart well.  The tests themselves are run through kickstart
  files, so you need to know how to express various partitioning setups.
  I can teach this.
* Be really picky.
* Know what anaconda's expected behavior is.  This is pretty tough, but
  I'm willing to explain this as needed.

- Chris

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