Users are supposed to test latest F14 mdadm update?

Clyde E. Kunkel clydekunkel7734 at
Sat Dec 11 23:10:34 UTC 2010

On 12/11/2010 09:03 AM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> Hi,
> In the latest round of updates I saw this message displayed in PackageKit
> for the mdadm update:
> "This update will fix bugs and other non-critical problems.
> This notification was issued on 08/10/2010.
> This is a bug fix update to mdadm.  Please see the various bugs for a list
> of issues that should be resolved and those same bugs for possible ways to
> test that they are indeed solved.
> It is recommended that users remake their initramfs images they boot from
> after installing this update and then reboot their machine to verify that

I don't think "users" in this case means casual users.  I read the 
notification as pertaining to proven testers who routinely use dracut 
for their own purposes and would be able to provide a better test of mdadm.


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