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#154: Tracker: critical path test case creation
  Reporter:  adamwill     |       Owner:  adamwill 
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  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 15
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Comment (by adamwill):

 "I didn't initially think the intersection would be challenging to do. But
 thinking ahead to some remote API that consumers would use to find
 applicable tests, we may want to use the three categories as you suggest
 to avoid having each consumer defining logic for how it finds applicable
 tests. So in your example, we would treat Category:Critpath_test_cases as
 a way to denote test priority (where high == critpath, media, low).
 Category:mdadm_test_cases would be used to indicate membership to a test
 plan (the mdadm test plan). And finally,
 Category:Critpath_mdadm_test_cases would be our way to provide all *high*
 priority tests in the mdadm test plan. Does that make sense? "

 Honestly, not really, no. =) The thinking behind creating the technically-
 not-needed combined category was 90% 'half-assing it as I was going along'
 and 10% for *non*-tool based cases: people just browsing the tests. It's
 easy via the API for tools to determine which test cases are members of
 both categories, but it's not easy for a user just browsing the Wiki to do
 it, AFAIK - there's no easy way to browse pages that are members of both
 one category and another category in the mediawiki user interface, that I
 know of.

 But really, I'm not married to the idea. (That's why I like it, ba-dum
 tish. Tip your server.) I don't really see any problem with having tools
 derive the combination themselves - it's not like they'll all be
 implementing it in wildly different ways, I can't see how that would
 happen. I'm not sure manual tending of a combined category could produce
 results that would be different from doing it programmatically in any way
 other than the manual category occasionally getting screwed up, which
 *will* happen if we put squishy pink things in the loop.

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