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James Gledhill jagledy at
Thu Feb 11 22:49:03 UTC 2010

I have been working with Linux almost exclusively for about 3-4 years. I
have only been working with fedora for a little time now but have been
liking it and decided to settle down with it as my main OS. I am rather new
to irc but intend to use this title/name (jagledy).

I am working on learning C and would appreciate any help with becoming
proficient in bugzapping. I have a strong interest in security and would
love to help in some such division, but am willing to learn to work in any
area except gaming ( to tempting to lose focus and play just one more level
:) ).

If I have  said anything that does not make sense ( communication is not my
greatest strength ) feel free to contact me. Also if you can tell there is
something I didn't quite get, please let me know. I am willing to learn and
will probably need to do a lot of it.

jagledy at

All you'd have to do to end the Apples/Windows... and Linux(?) battle would
be to hand out guns because all the Apples/Windows users would shoot each
other on sight while the Linux users would go to a secluded area to try to
dissemble their weapon in order to figure out how to improve it!
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