Fedora Security Spin QA Efforts

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Thu Feb 18 20:37:03 UTC 2010

Hello all,
    This is mainly going out to those who are interested in the
(hopefully) upcoming Security Spin. I want to establish some QA
efforts as to provide a high quality experience to security
professionals and hobbyists alike who are interested in the project. I
would like to first do a break down of test cases for all the
security-centric packages involved in the security spin as that is the
"bread and butter" of the spin and are generally "niche" applications
which require some sort of expertise or a slightly higher learning
curve than your average web browser (just for example). Once that part
is complete, I would also like to apply AdamW's Desktop Test Cases to
it in order to get a higher level outlook of making sure that portion
of the Spin is of high quality as well.

Here is the current list of packages shipped with the Security Spin:
https://fedorahosted.org/security-spin/wiki/availableApps if anyone is
familiar with any of these apps it would be greatly appreciated if you
could put together a short snippet or "how to" for basic use that can
be used for a test case. Feel free to reply here to this thread and I
can input them into the wiki or post your results here:

Many thanks to all,

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