What to do with old "important" but still open bugs?

Christopher Beland beland at alum.mit.edu
Thu Feb 25 22:41:39 UTC 2010

Taking a look at:

there are two crashers in F12 which have over a hundred duplicates,
substantially more than the next runners up:


I was trying to decide how to mark these as high priority.  Normally I
would have marked them F12Target, but these bugs are in the final
release.  I was pondering F13Target, but it's unclear people are
experiencing them there.  Anyone have any advice?

I also noticed that there are still open bugs blocking FC5Target
through F12Target.  Bug 136143, which is the only thing blocking
FC3Target and FC4Target that still isn't fixed.  Apparently it's a
security bug, since I'm not allowed to access it.

I thought that if these bugs were important enough to nominate for
those old releases, they are probably important enough to nominate for
this release, but some of them just seem to be EasyFix, low severity,
no one seems to care much about them.  Some of them seem to be fixed,
too, so I did a bit of testing today.  But I'm unsure if I should
de-nominate them if they don't seem important, or blanket nominate
them to F13Target, or just leave them feeling sad because they were
not fixed on target.  I'm not sure there's much value in having the
Target list if it doesn't actually motivate developers to take care of
the bugs listed there ASAP.  To retain the status of this designation as
"of significant importance to the quality of the release", perhaps these
bugs should be reviewed by some group periodically, and de-nominated if
they aren't all that important?  That might also provide a forum to
engage developers.


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