Deltaiso direct download links for RC2->RC3 and RC3->RC4

Andre Robatino andre at
Fri Feb 26 13:13:14 UTC 2010

I uploaded the deltaisos for RC2->RC3 and RC3->RC4 to after
Kamil Paral informed me about trouble using the torrents.  Here are the
direct download links:

148198624 bytes, md5sum: eca8a9ef9832775d4d190f6b02fdaf77

110303759 bytes, md5sum: c09c54d106c6e0626efa026a9df1fbf4

98937288 bytes, md5sum: a712fcdd21298d7ddd7f800cfee0bdcb

70318744 bytes, md5sum: 8321f4e89399fdb533eacbd55106778e

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