Proposal for new QA test for L10N

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at
Mon Jan 4 14:10:24 UTC 2010

Em Seg, 2010-01-04 às 12:20 +0000, Adam Williamson escreveu:
> > > I think we'd be happy to help with this however we can, but it seems
> > > like something that obviously depends on linguistic ability! We can
> > > contribute any of us in QA who speak languages other than English,
> > > perhaps.
> > 
> > Great, thank you!
> So, anyone on the list who is proficient in a language other than
> English - please do help out Noriko :)

I'm new here, but I'm sure I can help with this too. I can maintain
contact with the Brazilian Portuguese and the European Portuguese
translation teams, and also the Spanish team via Fedora LATAM.

Anyway, when I subscribed this list a few days ago, my intention was to
help the i18n QA in a broader way. In short, I mean to avoid, report and
correct i18n string bugs so they don't perturb the L10N teams from doing
their job. Since this thread is already ongoing I'll be glad to improve
this idea.

> > Does this image also contain python-nss? This is to perform liveinst. [3]
> This I don't know off the top of my head. You could download the latest
> nightly and test. If it's not, we can look at fixing that. Frankly the
> closing of the bug report seems a little odd to me; if anaconda needs
> python-nss to run, it should depend on it, I would think. We shouldn't
> have to add it to the live image manually. Unless there's some specific
> reason not to put it in the dependencies.

>From the experience I have on spin SIG the liveinst tool works with no
problems on images based on default kickstart files such -base and
-desktop ones, so this should not be a problem, unless there is a new
bug I'm not aware of.

Igor Pires Soares

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