Proposal for new QA test for L10N

Tian Shixiong tiansworld at
Mon Jan 4 14:54:51 UTC 2010

>> >> I am Noriko Mizumoto, coming from Fedora Localization Project.
>> >> As we are in scheduling period, I'd like to propose new QA test to be
>> >> created. Here is the detail.
>> >
>> > Hi :)
>> >
>> > I think we'd be happy to help with this however we can, but it seems
>> > like something that obviously depends on linguistic ability! We can
>> > contribute any of us in QA who speak languages other than English,
>> > perhaps.
>> Great, thank you!
> So, anyone on the list who is proficient in a language other than
> English - please do help out Noriko :)
I am glad to give my little help to this test even I haven't done any
QA test yet :D
I am from China and I speak Chinese.

FAS: tiansworld
IRC nick: tiansworld

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