F12/Rawhide+nomodset vs. F11 radeon r700 support

Dennis J. dennisml at conversis.de
Tue Jan 5 01:03:26 UTC 2010

I'm currently trying to find a way to get F12 or Rawhide to work with my 
radeon r770 (4850) based card in a useful way. So far booting them just 
freezes my system and using "nomodeset" results in a desktop so slow i can 
see the windows being redrawn from top to bottom.
I'm trying all this with F12 and nightly live-cd releases. The system is 
actually running F11 right now which works great with this card out of the box.
My question is does anybody with an r7xx card have similar problems and/or 
knows a way to get the driver in post F11 versions to work the same way it 
does in F11? At the moment there seems to be no upgrade path for me with 
the apparent changes made to the radeon driver.

I filed a bug about this but it would be great if somebody knew a 
workaround to at least get the same mileage out of F12/Rawhide that I get 
out of F11 (i.e. disable KMS support but still get reasonable peformance in X).



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