Proposal for new QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jan 5 03:35:17 UTC 2010

Kamil Paral さんは書きました:
> ----- "Adam Williamson" <awilliam at> wrote:
>> So, anyone on the list who is proficient in a language other than
>> English - please do help out Noriko :)
> I can help with Czech. But if I understand it correctly, the language
> review process will be done by individual translation teams, 
> not QA team. Our task will be just to ensure the live image is 
> created. Right?

Yes, you are perfectly right. And I am sorry to confuse many of you 
here. I was going to make a post to f-trans-l, telling the process and 
instruction once ready.
Essentially I like QA team to ensure the live image for L10n team, but 
it would be very nice to have more tester from QA team too. So I will 
post the instruction here too.


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