Proposal for new QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jan 5 03:41:53 UTC 2010

Igor Pires Soares さんは書きました:
> Em Seg, 2010-01-04 às 12:20 +0000, Adam Williamson escreveu:
>>>> I think we'd be happy to help with this however we can, but it seems
>>>> like something that obviously depends on linguistic ability! We can
>>>> contribute any of us in QA who speak languages other than English,
>>>> perhaps.
>>> Great, thank you!
>> So, anyone on the list who is proficient in a language other than
>> English - please do help out Noriko :)
> I'm new here, but I'm sure I can help with this too. I can maintain
> contact with the Brazilian Portuguese and the European Portuguese
> translation teams, and also the Spanish team via Fedora LATAM.
> Anyway, when I subscribed this list a few days ago, my intention was to
> help the i18n QA in a broader way. In short, I mean to avoid, report and
> correct i18n string bugs so they don't perturb the L10N teams from doing
> their job. Since this thread is already ongoing I'll be glad to improve
> this idea.

Thank you for raising your hand!!
As posted previous mail, I will make a post once ready to f-trans-l and 
f-test-list both.

This QA test is for L10N, so it is different from the one for i18n. And 
I am sure that i18n team do understand what we are looking at.


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