QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Jan 6 23:25:58 UTC 2010

James Laska さんは書きました:
> On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 12:24 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
>> For F13, something like
>>> "" to be written. 
>> Done :-)
>> This is still incomplete, and I wish everyone to have a look and 
>> complete this list and to add any idea. I meant 'built status' is if 
>> package was built by specified date.
> Greetings Noriko,
> Typically, the category wiki pages are mostly a method for organizing
> related content on the wiki.  So for the [[Category:L10n_Test_Cases]],
> you might use that to organize different wiki test case pages that have
> instructions for the l10n testing.  For other examples, take a look at
> or
>  These
> pages aren't used for posting test results, just for grouping related
> wiki pages together for easier future navigation.

Hi James,
I doubt if translators need further instructions. The one created worked 
so far for F12 internally. But this is just incomplete and need a help 
to improve. Once translators know how to get gui, they know what they 
want to see or check.
The idea I draw in my mind is that one wiki page to be created per 
release, as packages to test may increase/decrease. This is just idea 
and can be improved in anyway.

> It seems like you've already started outlining how you wish to gather
> test results.  Way to get a head start!  For that, I might recommend
> creating a test results wiki page (or pages) similar to
> Good news is that you already have the content for this page ... it's
> just in the wrong spot.  I've moved the content you created into a new
> page ...
>  Hope
> that helps.
> From here, one way I could see you proceeding is ...
>      1. Start defining some basic test cases to guide testers.  Be sure
>         to link any created test case pages into [[Category:L10n Test
>         Cases]]
>      2. When testing starts, create a wiki page for each test run (e.g.
>         Test_Results:Fedora 13 L10n Alpha Test Results]].  Results will
>         be posted to this page, not your template.
> Some of this is touched on by two of our existing SOP's [1][2], but if
> this is a process you'd like to repeat throughout the release (and
> future releases), I'd recommend taking your instructions above and
> creating a new [[SOP L10n Test Management]].

There are two goals for this review process. One is to have a chance to 
review own work of translation in GUI and check the quality. Second is 
to check if latest translation done reflected in the package. In short 
frame of one week, we filed loads of bugs last time for second goal. 
Those bugs push the thing forwards. Honestly I like to avoid to create 
too much wiki pages specially in that period. But I am happy to create 
any page required.

What I am really looking for is "nightly compose of 2010-03-05" 
available during 2010-03-08 to 2010-03-16 from QA team. With separate 
thread, yet installation media request comes up for reviewing.

Thanks a lot

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