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My name is Sreejit and I work as a Java developer. I have been using one or
the other Fedora versions as my primary OS for the last few years. I started
learning linux about 5 or 6 years back when I got my first computer. In fact
that's when I really started working with computers. Before that I rarely
got my hands on one.

I started of with RH 9 in a multi-boot environment with various windows
versions. Soon I found it easier to keep Linux as my primary OS, and use
windows for playing around with. I should mention here that having a corrupt
memory module perhaps helped speed up my adoption of Linux :). There were
times when the RAM was acting up and I could not run windows for more than
10 to 15 minutes, while I regularly managed to run RH9 for hours together,
without problems, and with a whole lot more applications than I usually run
on windows. I went on to try out various Fedora versions as and when I got
hold of them. Though I did try out other distros, I have almost always used
either RH9 or one of the Fedora versions, either at home or at work.  I
still have PC's running RH9 at my office.

When I attempted my first Linux installation I did not know a thing about
Linux, not even the basic commands. Now I am at a stage where I am pretty
comfortable with the shell. I can carry out basic system administration, and
have some experience with configuring servers. I am not shy of playing
around with configuration files and when I run into problems I usually
manage to find answers with the help of Google.

I have been enjoying the fruits of other peoples hard work, be it the
wonderful people who build and maintain all the open source stuff, or the
kind souls who offer help and advice on the many forums, for quite a while.
Now I guess its time to start paying back in any way that I can help. I have
not been an active participant on any forum or project till now and so am
new to this. I would love to help in the development of Fedora, since its
what I myself use.

Since I am new to this, I would appreciate any help in getting started.

My IRC nick is sreejit.

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