kstartupconfig4 error

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Mon Jan 11 09:08:06 UTC 2010

> Rex Dieter wrote:
> lefu wrote:
> > YEBO Jim,
> > 
> > you rock man.
> > 
> > thank you. been searching the web for this from Thursday. I could log on
> > to gnome but I am a kde fan, when I got this error I assumed I have
> > upgraded incorrectly and I think fedora guys can do better with this one.
> > I mean symbolic links should have been done simply during upgrade.
> > 
> Symlinks are the wrong solution.  The likely root cause here is a handful of
> f11 packages didn't upgrade properly.  The correct way out is finding out
> exactly what they were, and resolving why they got held back.
I had this exact same problem.  

kdeworkspace-libs was linked against the older stable openssl, 0.9.8k I think.  F12 ships 1.0.0 beta.  

yum update fixes the problem nicely, kdeworkspace-libs is now compiled against the newest libraries and all works nicely.  (updated this thread since it's top 5 in google for this problem.)

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