Test team at Symbian seeks contact

Mike Kinghan mikek at symbian.org
Tue Jan 12 10:45:09 UTC 2010

Apologies for barging into the list. I can't locate "the right" indvidual to
contact in the QA webpages. I'm looking for somebody able and willing to
help me with info about the test strategies and practices in the Fedora

I'm the Test Lead at Symbian. As readers may know, Symbian was relaunched in
April '09 as an open-source platform. The old Symbian Software Limited was
absorbed by Nokia and a much smaller non-profit organisation, the Symbian
Foundation, was set up to steer and nuture the Symbian platform in its
open-source life. Like a Linux distro, we don't have big in-house resources
to devote to QA. We need to learn how to enable our community to contribute
test resources and test effort.

So, I want to study the QA strategies and practices of major Linux
distributors. Fedora is one. I can get a lot of the information I'm
interested in on the web, but I'd be very grateful to hear from somebody who
has the overall picture of testing in Fedora testing who'd be wiling to help
me with answers that I can't find out for myself.

Though I'm pretty new to running testing for an open-source platform, I
previously led the development build & test team at Symbian Software for 4
years, so I might be able to repay the favour by sharing from my experience
testing Symbian.

Cheers, Mike

Mike Kinghan,
Test Lead, Symbian
+44(0)776 5222 793
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