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#48: NFSv4 Test Day
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 On Mon, 2010-01-18 at 11:06 -0500, caiqian at redhat.com wrote:
 > I'd recommend next Tuesday (1/26), next Thursday (1/28), or any
 > > Tuesday/Thursday after.  This will be influenced by the amount of
 > > prep work needed (see next step).
 > Next Tuesday will be working for me. Steve, are you able to be online at
 that date to provide helps if necessary?
 > > = Step#3 - Create the Wiki page =
 > >
 > > This should help you think about what needs testing, and perhaps
 > > designing the tests in such a way that might be helpful for a
 > > distributed testers to attack.  I'm not thinking of any good
 > > distributed test scenarios for NFS, but I'm also not aware of the
 > > involved.If you can start with a outline of what testing you'd like to
 > > covered, we might be able to get a better sense for how to make it a
 > > good fit for a Fedora test event.
 > I will be create a wiki page for it. I have not looked them in details
 yet. Overall, we will be running some automated NFS tests like,
 > * connectathon - git://fedorapeople.org/~steved/cthon04
 > * new server test that - git://linux-nfs.org/~iisaman/pynfs.git
 > Does it sound like a good fit for a test day?
 It's not something I'd envision a strong level of community participation
 on.  Mainly, since Fedora QA doesn't have a lot of experience/skill in
 this technical area.  That said ... I'm sure there are communities that
 might be interested in participating?  So, some questions to help explore
 our options ...

  1. What external customers/communities should we solicit for attendance?
  2. What is required to participate?
     1. What distro?  F12, Rawhide, other?
     2. Installed system or Live image?
     3. System requirements (single system or multiple)?
     4. Can a virtual lab be used?
  3. What test feedback is needed?
     1. Is there a hardware-specific component where community contributor
 feedback would be helpful (i.e. like xorg-x11-drv-* test days where
 testers all have different hardware?)
     2. Is there software-specific components where community feedback is
 needed? (for example, running tests against different versions of nfs
 (client+server), or across F-12, F-11 and rawhide)?

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