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#48: NFSv4 Test Day
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Comment (by caiqian):

 > It's not something I'd envision a strong level of community
 participation on.  Mainly, since Fedora QA doesn't have a lot of
 experience/skill in this technical area.  That said ... I'm sure there are
 communities that might be interested in participating?  So, some questions
 to help explore our options ...
 >  1. What external customers/communities should we solicit for

 Customers who need to involve with NFS server or/and client, system
 administrators. NFS, network, kernel, Fedora communities.

 >  2. What is required to participate?
 >     1. What distro?  F12, Rawhide, other?

 Rawhide. 2.6.32-2 F-13 (or later) kernel and nfs-utils-1.2.1-5 (or later)

 >     2. Installed system or Live image?


 >     3. System requirements (single system or multiple)?

 Single will do if use virtual machines.

 >     4. Can a virtual lab be used?


 >  3. What test feedback is needed?
 >     1. Is there a hardware-specific component where community
 contributor feedback would be helpful (i.e. like xorg-x11-drv-* test days
 where testers all have different hardware?)

 Not I am aware at the moment except architectures.

 >     2. Is there software-specific components where community feedback is
 needed? (for example, running tests against different versions of nfs
 (client+server), or across F-12, F-11 and rawhide)?

  Maybe, some of the fixed.

 v3 server + v4 client
 v4 client + v3 server
 v4 server + v4 client

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