New BugZapper Introduction

Pavel M. admin at
Tue Jan 19 12:15:45 UTC 2010


I'm 20-years old C++ developer from Sweden and I'm very glad to join the 
Fedora project as a Bug Zapper :)

Right now I study Security Engineering at a university in Sweden but 
also devote my free time to C++ (Qt4, SQLite) and web developing (XHTML, 
CSS, PHP, MySQL). Fedora has been my main and favorite operating system 
since 3 years and it's the main reason why I want to contribute =) I'm 
familiar even with other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and 
OpenSUSE and have experience of Linux administration (FTP, HTTP).

I'm convinced that Bug Zappers Team will be great start for me and I see 
it as an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience.

I will really appreciate some help me in the beginning. Thanks in advance!

IRC nick: akia
E-mail: admin at akia dot se

Best regards,
Pavel M.

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