kernel 2.6.32

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Wed Jan 20 03:13:12 UTC 2010

On 01/19/2010 12:22 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:

> Updating a kernel version is a major and complex task and often takes
> quite a while. Just having a completed build is often a long way from
> even being in good enough state to go to -testing; there may be many
> patches that need porting to the new release or significant regressions
> that need to be addressed. There have been cases where it's taken
> months. So this isn't unusual and don't, necessarily, hold your
> breath :). You can always try the latest version from Koji and kill it
> if doesn't work, though.

  I do realize this, and good comments. There are some great
improvements int this kernel - for one should finally fix the slow_path
bug in iwl4965 wireless triggered by lot of data (eg backups) going
through the wireless .. there are a lot of other good things too!

  I will try the koji kernel ...



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