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Tommy He tommy.he at
Sat Jan 23 17:54:07 UTC 2010

于 2010年01月23日 15:56, James W. Bennett 写道:
> I lost my audio during some update approximately one month ago.  I
> simply  have not played music on my pc since. The only entry I have in
> multimedia system setting is HDA Intel (ALC888 Analog) I am unable to
> get sound from that entry. I have reinstall fedora 12 and I have not
> discovered where the problem is.
> If anyone has experience with this problem  -- could you please let me
> know.

It seems that the last pulseaudio update from updates-testing breaks 

Occasionally, the Mozilla-based Longman Dictionary of Contemporary 
English hangs on while pronouncing, which worked perfectly before. 
Meanwhile the system monitor shows considerably CPU consumption increase 
for pulseaudio. Kill and re-login solves this occasional problem. 
Considering the LDoCE use a dated version of Flash for multimedia 
purpose, I suppose this problem was caused by the compatible problem 
between old Flash and new pulseaudio (It happened before in F8 and F9).  
I have been intending to reproduce this problem during last couple of 
days. But it does not appear every time as my initiative thoughts.

The other applications work fine, though.

I am not quite sure whether it is the same one as yours. Maybe I am just 
saying another issue about this pulseaudio release which bothers me.

PS: I have a ALC660VD.

Kind regards,

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