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#48: NFSv4 Test Day
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Comment (by caiqian):

 Sorry for the delay.

 >  1. ''Get people on board'' - Identify and reach out to additional NFS
 experts who can provide test guidance.

 After discussed with Steve, looks like there some NFS community we can get
 them involved like,

 Linux NFS mailing list <linux-nfs at vger.kernel.org>
 Linux NFSv4 mailing list <nfsv4 at linux-nfs.org>
 Linux pNFS mailing list <pnfs at linux-nfs.org>
 Connectathon event <http://www.connectathon.org/>

 >  2. ''How to test'' - outline some details on what, and how, to test
 NFSv4 in the form of wiki test cases

 We can test NFS v4 as well as Secure NFS with the above NFS test suites,
 and general filesystem testsuites like fsx2, bonnie etc. I'll be working
 on a sample test wiki page for review shortly. Does it make sense?

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