Nightly build 20100124 Anaconda crashes

Tom Mannerhagen tom.mannerhagen at
Mon Jan 25 19:57:59 UTC 2010


I don't know if this is of any interest.
I downloaded for the first time a nightly build of Rawhide -
desktop-i386-20100124.18 and put it on a USB stick.
I wanted to install it on a unit but Anaconda keeps crashing all the
It gets to the stage where I should pick my storage setup (easy or
fancy). Regardless of choice, I am taken to a crash screen.
The unit is a normal SATA-laptop with no fancy Intel chipset.

The crash-log from Anaconda is attached.

It seems that Gnome has some issues mounting devices. Mounting them
manually from the terminal works fine however.
So probably it should be possible to install the nightly build if I knew
what and how to mount :)

hälsningar / regards

Tom Mannerhagen
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anaconda 13.23 exception report
Traceback (most recent call first):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/parted/", line 52, in __init__
    self.__device = _ped.device_get(path)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/parted/", line 30, in localeC
    ret = fn(*args, **kwds)
  File "<string>", line 2, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/iw/", line 579, in populate
    partedDevice = parted.Device(path="/dev/" + name)
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/iw/", line 526, in getScreen
    self.populate(nonraids, mpaths, raids)
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/", line 1388, in setScreen
    new_screen = self.currentWindow.getScreen(anaconda)
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/", line 1309, in nextClicked
    self.setScreen ()
IOException: Could not stat device /dev/live-rw - No such file or directory.

Local variables in innermost frame:
path: /dev/live-rw

Anaconda instance, containing members:
proxyUsername: None
rescue_mount: True
reIPLMessage: None
intf: InstallInterface instance, containing members:
  intf._inconsistentLVMAnswers: {}
  intf.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
  intf.icw: InstallControlWindow instance, containing members:
    intf.icw.handle: 250
    intf.icw.currentWindow: FilterWindow instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.xml: XML instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.buttonBox: HButtonBox instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.vbox: VBox instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.notebook: Notebook instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.addAdvanced: Button instance, containing members:
      intf.icw.currentWindow.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
      intf.icw.currentWindow.ics: InstallControlState instance, containing members:
        intf.icw.currentWindow.ics.prevEnabled: True Already dumped (InstallControlWindow instance)
        intf.icw.currentWindow.ics.nextEnabled: True
        intf.icw.currentWindow.ics.grabNext: True
        intf.icw.currentWindow.ics.title: Device Filter
      intf.icw.currentWindow.pages: [NotebookPage instance, containing members:
        cb: Callbacks instance, containing members:
          cb.xml: Already dumped (XML instance)
          cb.model: TreeModelFilter instance, containing members:
          cb.sizeLabel: Label instance, containing members:
        sortedModel: TreeModelSort instance, containing members:
        scroll: ScrolledWindow instance, containing members:
        filteredModel: Already dumped (TreeModelFilter instance)
        treeView: TreeView instance, containing members:
        filterBox: None
        ds: DeviceSelector instance, containing members:
          ds.allButton: ToggleButton instance, containing members:
 Menu instance, containing members:
          ds.visible: 1
          ds.model: Already dumped (TreeModelFilter instance)
 TreeStore instance, containing members:
          ds.view: Already dumped (TreeView instance)
] Already dumped (TreeStore instance)
    intf.icw.mainxml: XML instance, containing members:
    intf.icw.window: Window instance, containing members:
    intf.icw.installFrame: Frame instance, containing members:
    intf.icw.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
    intf.icw.reloadRcQueued: 0
  intf.runres: 800x600
  intf._initLabelAnswers: {}
rescue: False
updateSrc: None
mediaDevice: None
methodstr: livecd:///dev/mapper/live-osimg-min
dispatch: Dispatcher instance, containing members:
  dispatch.step: 5
  dispatch.skipSteps: {'upgradecontinue': 1, 'group-selection': 2, 'findrootparts': 1, 'findinstall': 1, 'language': 2, 'upgradeswapsuggestion': 1, 'partition': 1, 'tasksel': 2, 'upgrademount': 1, 'upgrademigfind': 1, 'addswap': 1, 'upgrademigratefs': 1, 'upgbootloader': 1}
  dispatch.firstStep: 0
  dispatch.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
rootPath: /mnt/sysimage
proxyPassword: None
platform: X86 instance, containing members:
  platform._diskLabelType: msdos
  platform.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
canReIPL: False
proxy: None
xdriver: None
isKickstart: False
stage2: None
mehConfig: Config instance, containing members:
  mehConfig.programVersion: 13.23
  mehConfig.bugFiler: BugzillaFiler instance, containing members:
    mehConfig.bugFiler.product: Fedora
    mehConfig.bugFiler._bz: None
    mehConfig.bugFiler.version: 3
  mehConfig.bugDisplayUrl: None
  mehConfig.attrSkipList: [backend.ayum, backend.dlpkgs, id.accounts, id.bootloader.password, id.comps, id.dispatch, id.hdList, id.ksdata, id.instLanguage.font, id.instLanguage.kbd,, id.instLanguage.localeInfo, id.instLanguage.nativeLangNames,, id.keyboard._mods._modelDict, id.keyboard.modelDict,, id.rootPassword, id.tmpData, intf.icw.buff,, intf.icw.stockButtons]
  mehConfig.fileList: [/tmp/syslog, /tmp/anaconda.log, /tmp/lvmout, /tmp/resize.out, /tmp/program.log, /tmp/storage.log, /tmp/yum.log, /mnt/sysimage/root/install.log, /mnt/sysimage/root/upgrade.log, /proc/cmdline]
  mehConfig.localSkipList: [passphrase, password]
  mehConfig.programName: anaconda
  mehConfig._intf: Already dumped (InstallInterface instance)
id: InstallData instance, containing members:
  id.firewall: Firewall instance, containing members:
    id.firewall.portlist: []
    id.firewall.servicelist: []
    id.firewall.trustdevs: []
    id.firewall.enabled: 1
  id.anaconda: Already dumped (Anaconda instance)
  id.upgradeRoot: None
  id.keyboard: Keyboard instance, containing members:
    id.keyboard.config: [['KEYTABLE="sv-latin1"\n', 'KEYTABLE', 'sv-latin1']
, ['MODEL="pc105"\n', 'MODEL', 'pc105']
, ['LAYOUT="se"\n', 'LAYOUT', 'se']
    id.keyboard.type: PC
    id.keyboard._mods: KeyboardModels instance, containing members:
      id.keyboard._mods._modelDict: Skipped
    id.keyboard.beenset: 1
  id.timezone: Timezone instance, containing members:
    id.timezone.utc: 0 America/New_York
  id.backend: LiveCDCopyBackend instance, containing members:
    id.backend.instPath: /mnt/sysimage
    id.backend.skipFormatRoot: True
    id.backend.instLog: None
    id.backend.supportsUpgrades: False
    id.backend._loopbackFile: None
    id.backend.rootFsType: ext4
    id.backend.osimg: //dev/mapper/live-osimg-min
    id.backend.supportsPackageSelection: False
  id.upgrade: None
  id.monitor: None
  id.escrowCertificates: {} Storage instance, containing members: None [] Already dumped (Anaconda instance) None DASD instance, containing members: 0 False 0 [] 0.0 [] None [] False FSSet instance, containing members: None DeviceTree instance, containing members: None [] Already dumped (InstallInterface instance) Already dumped (DASD instance) False [] [] iscsi instance, containing members:
 False [] [] [] None [] [] [] /mnt/sysimage None None None None False None None None Already dumped (DeviceTree instance) ZFCP instance, containing members: True False [] [] ext4 /tmp/storage.state None False 0 False ext4 fcoe instance, containing members: False [] False False [PartSpec instance (0x9723c0c) -- 
  mountpoint = /  asVol = True
  weight = 0  fstype = ext4
  size = 1024  maxSize = 51200  grow = True

, PartSpec instance (0x9723f6c) -- 
  mountpoint = /home  asVol = True
  weight = 0  fstype = ext4
  size = 100  maxSize = None  grow = True

, PartSpec instance (0x9723b8c) -- 
  mountpoint = /boot  asVol = False
  weight = 2000  fstype = ext4
  size = 500  maxSize = None  grow = False

, PartSpec instance (0x9723dcc) -- 
  mountpoint = None  asVol = True
  weight = 0  fstype = swap
  size = 1024  maxSize = 5056  grow = True

] False [] Already dumped (iscsi instance) False
  id.desktop: Desktop instance, containing members: {}
    id.desktop.runlevel: 3
  id.rootParts: None
  id.x_already_set: 1
  id.firstboot: 0
  id.users: None
  id.displayMode: g
  id.auth: --enableshadow --passalgo=sha512 --enablefingerprint
  id.simpleFilter: True
  id.ksdata: None
  id.bootloader: x86BootloaderInfo instance, containing members:
    id.bootloader._configdir: /boot/grub
    id.bootloader.doUpgradeOnly: 0
    id.bootloader.above1024: 0
    id.bootloader.defaultDevice: None
    id.bootloader.pure: None Already dumped (Storage instance)
    id.bootloader.serialOptions: None
    id.bootloader.args: KernelArguments instance, containing members:
      id.bootloader.args.args: noiswmd
      id.bootloader.args.appendArgs: Already dumped (InstallData instance)
    id.bootloader.kernelLocation: /boot/
    id.bootloader.timeout: 0
    id.bootloader._configname: grub.conf
    id.bootloader.device: None
    id.bootloader.kickstart: 0
    id.bootloader.serialDevice: None
    id.bootloader.useGrubVal: 1
    id.bootloader._drivelist: None
    id.bootloader.images: BootImages instance, containing members:
      id.bootloader.images.default: None
      id.bootloader.images.images: {}
    id.bootloader.serial: 0
    id.bootloader.password: None
  id.extraModules: [] Network instance, containing members: {'wlan0': DEVICE=wlan0

, 'eth0': DEVICE=eth0

} None False localhost.localdomain []
  id.instClass: DefaultInstall instance, containing members:
  id.isHeadless: 0
  id.videocard: None
  id.instLanguage: Language instance, containing members: Skipped
    id.instLanguage.nativeLangNames: Skipped
    id.instLanguage._instLang: en_US.UTF-8
    id.instLanguage.displayMode: g
    id.instLanguage._systemLang: en_US.UTF-8
    id.instLanguage._default: en_US.UTF-8
    id.instLanguage.localeInfo: Skipped
  id.rootPassword: Skipped Security instance, containing members: 1
  id.upgradeSwapInfo: None
dir: 1
backend: Already dumped (LiveCDCopyBackend instance)

20:42:16,869 INFO    : using only installclass _Fedora
20:42:16,872 INFO    : created new libuser.conf at /tmp/libuser.ggKh8z with instPath="/mnt/sysimage"
20:42:16,874 INFO    : anaconda called with cmdline = ['/usr/sbin/anaconda', '--liveinst', '--method=livecd:///dev/mapper/live-osimg-min', '--lang', 'en_US.UTF-8']
20:42:16,875 INFO    : Display mode = g
20:42:16,876 INFO    : Starting graphical installation.
20:42:17,385 INFO    : Detected 3008M of memory
20:42:17,386 INFO    : Swap attempt of 1024M to 5056M
20:42:17,403 WARNING : step installtype does not exist
20:42:17,404 WARNING : step confirminstall does not exist
20:42:17,405 WARNING : step complete does not exist
20:42:17,482 INFO    : moving (1) to step welcome
20:42:20,398 INFO    : leaving (1) step welcome
20:42:20,403 INFO    : moving (1) to step keyboard
20:42:24,484 INFO    : leaving (1) step keyboard
20:42:24,486 INFO    : moving (1) to step betanag
20:42:24,486 DEBUG   : betanag is a direct step
20:42:25,696 INFO    : leaving (1) step betanag
20:42:25,698 INFO    : moving (1) to step filtertype
20:42:27,878 INFO    : leaving (1) step filtertype
20:42:27,880 INFO    : moving (1) to step filter

20:42:15,485 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'trigger', '--action=add', '--subsystem-match=net']
20:42:15,536 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'settle', '--timeout=300']
20:42:15,940 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'trigger', '--action=add', '--subsystem-match=net']
20:42:15,979 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'settle', '--timeout=300']
20:42:27,929 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'trigger', '--action=add', '--subsystem-match=block']
20:42:28,041 INFO    : Running... ['udevadm', 'settle', '--timeout=300']
20:42:28,591 INFO    : Running... ['multipath', '-d']
20:42:28,668 INFO    : Jan 25 20:42:28 | /etc/multipath.conf does not exist, blacklisting all devices.
20:42:28,670 INFO    : Jan 25 20:42:28 | A default multipath.conf file is located at
20:42:28,671 INFO    : Jan 25 20:42:28 | /usr/share/doc/device-mapper-multipath-0.4.9/multipath.conf

20:42:14,837 DEBUG   : registered device format class Ext2FS as ext2
20:42:14,838 DEBUG   : registered device format class Ext3FS as ext3
20:42:14,839 DEBUG   : registered device format class Ext4FS as ext4
20:42:14,840 DEBUG   : registered device format class FATFS as vfat
20:42:14,841 DEBUG   : registered device format class EFIFS as efi
20:42:14,842 DEBUG   : registered device format class BTRFS as btrfs
20:42:14,842 DEBUG   : registered device format class GFS2 as gfs2
20:42:14,843 DEBUG   : registered device format class JFS as jfs
20:42:14,844 DEBUG   : registered device format class ReiserFS as reiserfs
20:42:14,844 DEBUG   : registered device format class XFS as xfs
20:42:14,845 DEBUG   : registered device format class HFS as hfs
20:42:14,846 DEBUG   : registered device format class AppleBootstrapFS as appleboot
20:42:14,847 DEBUG   : registered device format class HFSPlus as hfs+
20:42:14,848 DEBUG   : registered device format class NTFS as ntfs
20:42:14,849 DEBUG   : registered device format class NFS as nfs
20:42:14,849 DEBUG   : registered device format class NFSv4 as nfs4
20:42:14,850 DEBUG   : registered device format class Iso9660FS as iso9660
20:42:14,851 DEBUG   : registered device format class NoDevFS as nodev
20:42:14,852 DEBUG   : registered device format class DevPtsFS as devpts
20:42:14,853 DEBUG   : registered device format class ProcFS as proc
20:42:14,853 DEBUG   : registered device format class SysFS as sysfs
20:42:14,854 DEBUG   : registered device format class TmpFS as tmpfs
20:42:14,855 DEBUG   : registered device format class BindFS as bind
20:42:14,897 DEBUG   : registered device format class LUKS as luks
20:42:14,901 DEBUG   : registered device format class LVMPhysicalVolume as lvmpv
20:42:14,906 DEBUG   : registered device format class SwapSpace as swap
20:42:14,908 DEBUG   : registered device format class PPCPRePBoot as prepboot
20:42:14,911 DEBUG   : registered device format class DMRaidMember as dmraidmember
20:42:14,941 DEBUG   : registered device format class DiskLabel as disklabel
20:42:14,943 DEBUG   : registered device format class MDRaidMember as mdmember
20:42:14,945 DEBUG   : registered device format class MultipathMember as multipath_member
20:42:28,590 INFO    : devices to scan for multipath: ['sda', 'sdb', 'dm-0', 'dm-1']
20:42:28,674 INFO    : adding dm-0 to singlepath_disks
20:42:28,674 INFO    : adding sda to singlepath_disks
20:42:28,675 INFO    : adding sdb to singlepath_disks
20:42:28,676 INFO    : adding dm-1 to singlepath_disks
20:42:28,677 INFO    : devices post multipath scan: (['dm-0', 'sda', 'sdb', 'dm-1'], [], [])

initrd=initrd0.img root=live:UUID=6E81-E292 rootfstype=vfat ro liveimg quiet  rhgb rd_NO_LUKS rd_NO_MD noiswmd  BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz0 

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